Primordial Depths Retreat ~ In person EVENT

Return to the inner sea, the stars within your infinite being

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
August 14 - 21 2021

The story of evolution is our story, our inheritance, our destiny. Out of the mysterious and intelligent fabric of existence, sentient
life takes form in the sea. A single cell metamorphosizes over eons into a myriad of possibilities— fish, whale, dinosaur, eagle, human. Our origins are elemental; our beginnings are our present and future.

Held on the island of Ocracoke, one of the most remote islands in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, we are surrounded and supported by the elements of earth, sea and sky. In this extraordinary natural setting, through the ancient body wisdom-gifts of movement, sound, breath and beholding, we will reenact our primordial unfolding from the sea to land.

For five mornings, we rise before dawn and gather on the beach to participate in an experiential inquiry and creative exploration of discovery. Through ritual, we engage with the greater mystery, with the vastness and powers of our elemental nature. We plumb the depths of self that live beyond words and ignite the soul fire of being alive. Against the ocean’s expansive backdrop, we open to our essential nature and true origins.

  • Continuum experience is prerequisite to participation.
  • Fee: early registration  $445;  after May 15:  $495
  • Accommodations and meals are not included