Language of movement that opens body & breath

Yoga is a language of movement that opens the body and breath. When practiced regularly, it transforms our whole being by generating ease of movement, calmness and a quiet mind. It brings us home to ourselves, cultivates a listening within, and leaves us resting in the temple of our infinite self.

I fell in love with yoga in the 1980s. As a dancer, I found the focus on breathing, the shapes that helped my spine stay supple and the intention of moving into stillness nourishing and captivating. I became a Certified Yoga Teacher in 1997 under the guidance and teachings of Erich Schiffman. I went on to study Vinyasa Flow and Fluid Dynamics with Shiva Rea, Restorative and Prenatal yoga with Judith Lassiter.

Somatic studies have been my life’s passion. My yoga classes integrate the language of asana with my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biology, kinesiology, movement fundamentals, breath practices, perceptual and attention practices and meditation. Resonant Body Movement™ informs my classes with fluid movement and a emphasis on the subtle energetics. My intention in every class is to bring students through a multidimensional experience that leaves them feeling more spacious, more grounded, more alive.

My Essential Yoga classes combine standing and seated poses with some vinyasa, pranayama and meditation.  Deep stretch is practiced in seated and supine oriented asana. Restorative yoga is the deep down rest, using props to support the body in different shapes and opening from the inside out with the breath. This practice is for the nervous system, a potent balm for the speed of modern life.

My new class, Fluid Anatomy Yoga, is a leap into the freeform dimension of yoga. Considered to be the advanced yoga practice, this class begins with guided asana and transitions to a self guided exploration and free form inquiry, moment to moment. The structure of the asana evolves into a fluid dynamic that is both nourishing and enlivening, moving beyond the form of asana.