~ Multidimensional skills for your Future Self

I am ready to help guide you through the overwhelm of our ever-complexifying life experience into a centered alignment within yourself.

My tool kit includes decades of teaching and training in somatic practices; Continuum (authorized 2007), meditation and yoga (certified 1996), metaphysical inquiry, astrological study and practice, mentoring, energetic and intuitive guidance, creative conversation and transformational process work.

One on One sessions are offered online for either 60 or 90 minutes. Session packages are available. To contact or schedule a session, please email me at

Our future dawns before our eyes and our hearts. Together, we stand at a precipice; a world dissolving as a new world is being born. In this liminal portal, we find ourselves making our way out of a familiar and known orientation and into a new and unknown orientation. For many of us, this is a confusing and terrifying gauntlet of change. How do we shift from resistance and rigidity to flow and flexibility, from the predictable and mechanistic to the unpredictable and metamorphic? We are all participants in this creation of what is to be.

I offer guidance through the overwhelm of our ever-complexifying life experience into a centered alignment within yourself. Discovering and reinforcing this alignment shifts the overwhelm into flow and resilience. Learning to move in and through the dynamic range of changes and unexpected situations that arise creates the pathway for dancing with unpredictable outcomes. As a personal way-shower, I support you in reinforcing and anchoring the deep midline of one’s true self to clear out and parse through the old and outdated, creating space for the next and new. Together, we unveil the potential to allow for context regeneration, inviting in fierce grace for each moment of life.

I mentor the you buried under by cultural demands and identity constructs that no longer serve. This threshold phase of expansion and acceleration is a golden window of opportunity for re-worthing and re-valuing your personal gifts, talents, passions and strengths as a course correct into authentic expression as well as being of service to our larger collective. I guide and support the growing bud of innate intuition emerging from your essential self.