WE ARE THE STARS ~ Somatic Explorations of Our Cosmic Origins ~ An online course

We are a living cosmic dance, expressing in and through the many dimensions of reality - learning, growing and evolving as one universal symphony.

At this moment we are living at thresholds of revelation and awareness that move us into realms both deeper into the earth and farther out into the heavens. Who we thought we were is not all that we are. As our reach extends, so do our questions about the complexity of existence, our origins and purpose. New understandings reshape our lives in unexpected ways, sometimes removing structures and beliefs that no longer accommodate our current experience. A reconfiguring emerges as part of our evolutionary process, reflecting who we are now.
For thousands of years we have studied the heavens, tracking the movements of stars and planets as a way to reach into the macrocosm and make meaning of our human experience. The constantly changing geometry of the night sky offers us a personal reflection, a way of placing ourselves in time/space and the ongoing evolution of cycles within cycles. Each planetary body in our solar system is a living being of extraordinary wisdom and potency, guiding and steering our souls through the unfolding choreography of our lives. They are the local influences and gate keepers to the larger cosmic anatomy of our Universal existence.
Astrology is an ancient and evolving art of mapping and interpreting the symbolic meaning and felt experience of the movements of heavenly bodies as they interact with us individually and collectively. We are a living cosmic dance,expressing in and through the many dimensions of reality - learning, growing and evolving as one universal symphony.
In this course, we will discover the universe within, mapping our own cosmic body. Each class will focus on a specific planet, its personal expression, where it lives in our body, how it informs who we are, how it moves us, how it sings to our soul. We will also explore the 12 archetypes of the zodiac as well as our sacred geometry and vibration and how they inform our multidimensional capacities. Continuum is a self-directed somatic practice grounded in breath, felt sensation, attention, movement and sound/vibration. Through the wide aperture of this innovative approach to embodiment, fuller incarnation is made possible. The landscape of the body becomes the skyscape of the stars. Outer becomes inner and inner becomes outer. As above, so below, as within, so without. It is here where eternity meets time, where form meets emptiness, where earth and heaven are One.

This online course meets once a month for a full year. Classes will meet on the first Saturdays of the month from 11 – 2pm EST (dates listed below). Each class will contain content, experiential practice ( a dive, meditation ) and Q/A . An optional once a month additional Dive Circle will be on the third Wednesdays of the month from 12 - 2 pm EST (dates listed below). All classes offered on Zoom, recorded and downloaded to Dropbox. Tuition ( includes Saturday &Wednesday classes ) for full year course: $485; can be paid in full or 2 or 3 installments. Register directly with Sabine at: resonantbody@me.com

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Sabine Mead is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Continuum Teacherand poetess. She has studied Astrology for decades and currently mentors withEllias Lonsdale of Star Genesis Wisdom.