Movement is the primary lens through which I orient and live in the world.

In movement, I have always found a depth of experience that makes sense to me. It is my language, my way. Movement is the primary lens through which I orient and live in the world.

Early on I found dancing, particularly Improvisation, to be fabulously liberating and provocative. While attending the University of Maryland and completing my BA in Dance, Kinesiology and Poetry, I was fortunate to meet Miriam Rosen in 1980 and dance in her improvisation company for almost a decade. Performing improvisation came naturally to me and helped me to develop a strong sense of my own movement language and the joy of exploration and discovery. It allowed me to root myself in presence, feeling my way one moment, one movement into the next. This has proved invaluable in my teaching, my practice and my life.

In my 30’s, I completed many in-depth studies in BodyMind Centering, Authentic Movement, Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy and Yoga. I was certified to teach yoga by Erich Schiffman in 1997 and have had a long and wonderful career teaching yoga. In 2003, I met Continuum and Emilie Conrad. My first Continuum experience circled me back to improvisation and I fell completely in LOVE. Continuum brought the element of sound into my embodied practice, opening up a whole new realm of experiential possibilities.

Emilie Conrad was my mentor until her death in 2014 and authorized me to teach Continuum in 2007. I also experienced many in-depth trainings with Susan Harper from 2003-2019. I have had the privilege to host and learn from several of my gifted Continuum colleagues.

I participated as a founding member of the Continuum Teachers Association and am a Master Somatic Movement Educator and registered member of ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association).

Since 2007, I have created and cultivated on-going inquiries such as: Alchemy of Eros, Primordial Depths Retreat and We Are the Stars. I continue to offer a wide variety of classes, both in-person and online. These include: Diving to Write, Opening Our Resonant Body, The Body Cathedral, Liquid Love, Streaming the Three Anatomies, Heart of Gratitude and many more.

My work also extends into mentoring – working one on one with people using my somatic, perceptual and communication skills. I am a passionate creature of inquiry into other arenas such as metaphysics, mantic divinity, astrology, myth, poetry, cosmology and esoteric anatomy. To get a better sense of who I am and what I love to share, please read my offerings and blogs.

Currently, I live and teach in Floyd County, Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains. I offer in-person classes and retreats, online class series and mentoring sessions.