About Continuum

The Ultimate Somatic Experience

Quite a claim. Yes.

Why is Continuum the ultimate somatic experience?

For one, it is speech-less. Not much talking at all. Actually, it is all about breathing, consciously, attending the breath in exquisite self-presencing. Tracking with attention the inherent movements of breath and fluid intelligence – the primordial movements of ocean, of wind, of light – the very intelligence of which we are woven.

This somatic intelligence is deep interoception, a capacity to feel oneself, to cultivate extraordinary sensitivity through slow, intrinsic, multidirectional flows of information coursing through the inner ocean of our body. Continuum is sensuous, alive, a rippling wonder blossoming each time we practice. A capturing of attention through felt sensation, through our own moment-to-moment curiosity and spontaneous unleashing of the imaginal.

The Heart of Continuum

The heart of Continuum is inquiry. Inquiry lends itself to engagement. Engagement of attention, of curiosity, of not knowing what will happen next. We are cut loose from the tried and true, freed from the predictable and from the illusion of safety. We are cast upon the seas of motion beyond the limited and programed mechanisms of cultural norms and taboos, beyond our entrainments of dance and athletics, rote movement and efficiency. Here, we dive into discovery. Over and over and over, each practice is fresh, full of new information, new sensations, new perceptions.

Experiencing the Continuum

Continuum is the ultimate somatic experience because it takes you, if you surrender to its ineffable embrace, into the waters of Love. Movement is a language as old as the Universe itself. Beyond our words is Mystery unfathomed by our finite mind, a realm where comprehension is frayed at the edges of capacity. Here, the heart encompasses what cannot be known by the mind. Outside brittle fences of limited thinking, we soar in winged eros, reclaiming every morsel of possible embodiment.

One breath at time, one movement at a time, one soft oscillation of sound caressing the length of our spine, we travel, a river of ancestral DNA. We lay the mystery of our being upon the earth. We shed ancient tears that have waited generations to thaw in the dense tissue of survival habits handed down from parent to child.

This somatic experience is self-guided, self-directed, each person moving at the pace and depth their own organismic, bio-intelligence allows. Non-lingual sound resonates from the voice of each individual, each a distinct and personal frequency. These vibrations permeate the fluids of the body offering impulse and caress. We bathe in our own song. Each oscillation ripples, spirals, cascades down the thighs, reverberates in the cranium. Movement follows the music of our own voice, unwinding, unfolding, spreading, opening.

We are the living soma experiencing the flesh of life. Each wave of breath, of sound, carries us farther out, deeper down into the subconscious sea of our inner reality. What am I now? Which creature informs me? There is no limit, no boundary in this holy temple of my body. I am ... everything. All forms reveal themselves to me, as me, through me. This breathing, moving, resonant body, manifested divinity, mystery unbound: I am the ultimate somatic experience, beheld and beloved by this great being, Earth.