We Are The Stars ~ Our Star Lineages

An Online Class Series

Dates: Saturdays ~ September 7, October 12, November 2, December 7, 2024 & January 5, 2025
Times: 12PM – 3:30PM EST via ZOOM
Tuition: $325

All our western beliefs are being challenged by the incontrovertible revelations that our story of origin is mistaken. The existential dilemma we find ourselves in requires a leap into a much greater story of genesis, one that our ancient indigenous brothers and sisters have held sacred for tens of thousands of years. It is the story of origin from the stars.

A profound and deep desire, a sacred longing to know who we are and where we come from drives all our existential inquires across science, art, religion and spirituality. Now, we are being given an opportunity to re-member and reorient ourselves into a larger context, a perspective that encompasses our galactic and universal metacontext. A confluence of new discoveries and understanding through several different sciences are confirming and validating much of what ancient indigenous peoples have been saying all along - our earthly origins reach back well beyond 12,000 years into multiple epochs, sourcing our origins in the stars.

Many Indigenous cultures share a common thread in their stories and doctrines of origin. They believe - they know - they are from the stars. The Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa orient from the star Sirius, the Australian indigenous peoples from the M42 nebulae in the belt of Orion. The indigenous people of the pre-Hawaiian culture of Mu have a complex doctrine involving multiple star systems. These doctrines contain practical wisdom concerning living in right relationship with each other, with Nature and with being a planetary and cosmic process in continuous flux and flow.

In this class series, we will learn about and explore five different star lineages, taking each one into an experiential embodied inquiry through the art of Continuum. Continuum, as a practice of consciousness, has the capacity to penetrate amnesia, allowing memories in our cells to emerge through sensation, symbol and emotion. It is through our internal experience and knowing that we cultivate emergence into a new paradigm.

Dates: Saturdays ~ September 7, October 12, November 2, December 7, 2024 & January 5,2025
Times: 12PM – 3:30PM EST via ZOOM
Tuition: $325 ~ To register, contact Sabine at sabine@resonantbody.comPayments can be made through Venmo @Sabine-Mead
All classes are recorded and uploaded to a Dropbox folder for participants

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