The Art of Continuum online class

Diving into the deeper waters of Continuum

Continuum is a potent experiential form that places the body as the central field of inquiry. Specifically, the body as a moving, shifting, energetic landscape informed in the now moment, an unfolding subjective reality. Combining elegant simplicity with captivating complexity, Continuum is a cumulative practice done in groups or alone. Movement is the guide into layers of becoming and belonging, an opening into eros and a pervasive sense of unity. Sound, the felt sense of vibration, combines with movement in an alchemy of sublime embodiment allowing for deeper ensoulment. Integration, wholeness, empathy and spaciousness arrive as a new sense of self flows through. We slowly open and awaken to fuller dimensions of Love and beingness.

This online class meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month and focuses on developing and strengthening your personal Continuum practice. We will cover the elements and essentials, learn new sounds and how to deepen and refine the practice. Wonderful for those people who do not have access to a local Continuum class.

Block #1~ 2020;

January 15 & 29

February 12 & 26

March 11 & 25

Block #2

April 8 & 22

May 13 & 27

June 10 & 24

7 - 9pm EST

Fee: $180/per 6 week block