Resonant Body: Practical Explorations of our Sublime Nature

The Alchemy of Sublime Embodiment

In the rapid flow of 21st century life, our understanding of the nature of existence is dissolving and shifting as new science corroborates ancient wisdom. We are redefining our concepts of self and other, moving beyond visible anatomy into the realm of the quantum.  Slowly, we are coming to understand the human being as an evolving process shaped by experience through the body. 

The architecture of the body is a living sanctuary cultivated over eons, exquisitely designed for enstatic states of consciousness. It is through this holy embodiment that we tap our resonant capacity and discover our multidimensional nature.

Resonance may be defined as the living language of the matrix, the unifying field of wholeness. It is the embodied experience of frequency as movement.  It is a dynamic expression of relationship between all forms. Our essential nature emanates from and is expressed through resonance.

In this 3 day immersion, through the unfolding of Continuum, we will examine and experience:

  • New Physics as context for the quantum body
  • Field phenomena
  • Microverse & multiverse
  • 3D embodiment to 5D embodiment
  • Human body as quantum field
  • Enstasy & ecstasy


  • Date: November 15 - 17, 2019
  • Times: 9 - 6pm  Friday & Saturday; 9 - 4pm Sunday
  • Place: Shared Visions Retreat Center, Durham, NC
  • Fee:  $295