Moving the Mind ~ 3D to 5D Perception online immersion

It is a multidimensional reality we inhabit and we are being opened into that truth.

Deep, permanent shifts are rippling through the field, opening consciousness to new dimensions of flow and awareness. As the earth body moves with these changes, so do we. Movement is life and allows us dynamic range and capacity to respond with greater ease. Movement is the flow, the expression of all form. Cultivating a fulller, more robust felt sense experience of the energy field you are grounds you in your inheritance as an embodied being. Our soul longs for the satiety of total incarnation, to be in the moment to moment unfolding dance of consciousness embodied.
We are in a tipping point, a threshold of spilling over the falls into new landscapes of perception, understanding and awareness. It is a multidimensional reality we inhabit and we are being opened into that truth.
Continuum is a practice of embodiment centered in inquiry of the unfolding experience of the moment. Self directed, Continuum combines breath, movement, sound ~ vibration ~ felt sensation and attention in an elegant simplicity. Practiced alone or in groups, Continuum amplifies and expands our capacity to bring the vastness of our spirit into the matrix of the body in a sublime radiance of presence. Through cumulative practice, we are liberated from the limited view of our mental constructs into the multidimensional vista of our resonant body.
In this immersion, we will explore the river of this inquiry through content/context, conversation and the experiential practice of Continuum ~ a dive.
Details ~ Saturday, March 28, 12 - 5pm ONLINE
Fee: $55
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