Enstatic Explorations: Continuum and the Inner Dance

Interoception as a gateway for sublime trance

The essence of the Continuum pratice is simple: breath, sound, fluid movement, silent felt experience. It is self directed, an exploration of the movement we are. This agency allows for a creative unfolding that is unique every time we practice and joins us to the creative flux that is alive in and around us. Our attention is turned within. We are invited to slow down, to feel, to be.

Sound is the universal language of vibration, the movement of subtle energy, the song that sings our existence. When attention rides the waves of these vibrations, we travel into different realms of consciousness and discover spheres of eternity.  Enstasy is the art of sublime trance, the counterpoint to ecstasy. Continuum is a practice that transports us, through the cultivation of interoception, sensation and deep engagement, into the home of the soul, the heart of living.

Tuesdays: 1 - 4PM   weekly starting January 15   5 class pass  $150 or drop in $35

Saturdays: 12 - 4:30PM    January 5 & 26; February 9 & 23   All 4 class pass $200 or drop in $55