Diving to Write

Enter the great sea of timelessness to explore the depths of our imaginal possibilities surfacing with unknown treasures.

Movement and writing have long been my favorite forms of self expression. Often, what I write about comes out of a movement exploration - a wordless world of sensation, felt experience, silence and imagination. It is this process that I share in DIVING TO WRITE, a union of Continuum and writing. Some of my students draw or paint instead of write, as that is their desired form of expression. 

When we practice Continuum, we lean back into the rich vocabulary of movement and imagination, sourcing new landscapes. It is out of these infinite fields of possibility that we bring through new forms, be they words or images. Cultivating internal silence and resting into the vastness of embodied spaciousness unblocks the rivers of inspiration. We are carried into new worlds of experience and perception. It is from these waters that our words and images flow. 


Fee: $75 per class ~ materials included