The Shape of Fear

The antidote to fear is movement. Wild, free, uninhibited ...

Fear is an ancient emotion with deep tracks in our biological conditioning and serves our innate primal will to survive.  The shape of fear has changed over the 2.5  million years of our human evolution, complexifying and adapting to the modern world we have created.

As an evolving planetary process, we carry forward the resonance of our ancestors at the level of frequency.  Our personal life experiences, especially in utero and early childhood, continually inform and shape our embodied consciousness, molding our psyches and cells.  Our emotions receive and interpret the resonance of another and gauge the authenticity in the frequency. We know when we are safe, when we are loved, when we are truly received by another through our capacity to feel. If we do not feel received by another, if we do not feel safe, our whole system becomes organized around managing our fears and our capacity to feel is diminished. Our exquisitely sensitive organism closes down its ability to be receptive and resonant.

As modern people living in a culture where technology, speed and constant stimulation are pervasive, we become trapped in habits and patterns of hypervigilance, constriction and stress.  The cells of our bodies rigidify and compress in order to go faster, do more. The repetitive nature of most exercise and daily routines minimizes the expression of the movement that we are. This shape of fear constricts the breath, contorts perceptions and limits self expression and creativity, carving deep grooves of unconscious habits of response to the external world. Our homoeostasis  becomes set at a point of aberrant orientation, and we live our lives in a self-created context skewed by our inheritance and unconscious patterns of managing our fear.

At the level of the body, fear acts as a freezing of our fluid nature, an inhale that never releases into an exhale, a clenching and closing of our capacity to be the love that we are. The antidote to fear is movement. Wild, free, uninhibited movement leads us inextricably to the aliveness that we are. Discovering movement that is organic, fluid, sustained, multidirectional  and complex nourishes our neural networks, growing in new pathways of communication.

In order to transcend our inheritance and patterns of fear management, we must move at the subcellular level as well.  Because we are vibration, we must meet the organization of self at that level in order to transform the pattern.  The original default setting is below the surface of our consciousness, hard-wired into the cellular symphony of our regenerating forms.  Sounding into the cells of our being, we vibrate these unconscious organizations, dissolving and releasing entrained modes of being, reshaping ourselves into an octave of freedom, and liberating our hearts into the timeless space of Love.