Embodiment is a commitment to being all the way IN.

We continue to think of our body as something solid and separate when it is really a cohesion of atoms stabilized in a field of frequency. This misperception limits our understanding of embodiment to somatic awareness when it is so much more.

Embodiment is a commitment to being all the way IN. It is the deep arrival and fusion of Spirit into the elemental earthly existence and the willingness to live this continuum to its fullest integration. It is the courageous choice to pull oneself out of the trance of normalcy and follow what has meaning and purpose. It is a joyous celebration of sensation and movement, of feelings and perceptions, of presence and beingness.

In infancy, the aperture of our experience is wide open, a fully haptic awareness taking in the world around us. Our portals of perception dilate with the desire to be in this rich environment of sensation and feelings. The heart beats out the pulse of our existence, our birthright to be the Love that we are.

The Natural world vibrates and oscillates in full embodiment. The body of Earth, in all her myriad forms of flora and fauna, simply bursts forth in abundant aliveness. Even in the cycle of death and decay, Nature’s embodiment is absolute. As a resonant entity, Nature offers us a continual transmission of radiant manifestation and reminds us what we are.

We fear our full embodiment and resist being all the way IN. We esteem our Spirit and deny its complete incarnation, even as our Spirit beseeches us to do so. The suppression of this most sacred covenant is the root of all our suffering and unhappiness. It is in evidence throughout our culture in the epidemics of obesity, disease, depression, dissociation, and our constant need to distract ourselves and keep doing. It is seen in our obsession with externally resourced achievement, success and the greed it generates. It is reflected in our constant abuse and disregard for the Earth. Fear holds us in check, keeps us small and immobilized, reigns in our imagination and restricts the plethoric evolution of the Love that we are.

The revolution at hand is a personal one. It begins with each one of us listening to the latent call of our Spirits, to reach for aliveness, our yearning to surrender, to open, to yield the cosmic essence of our Infinite Self into a worldly reality. Being all the way IN is the landing of Love that informs and transforms from the inside out. With this intention, we claim the vastness of our Spirit, so powerfully reflected in the starry heavens and unseen depths of the Universe. We embrace the scope of our humanity, the seeming paradox of what we are, and through our passionate embodiment, experience the intense array of emotions, the exquisite bliss of touch, the nuance of sound, the visual feast before us. We experience a consciousness that is whole being, in every atom, a knowing that is mind and beyond mind. We assert our sentience with liberated permission and step into a freedom of being that ignites our heart’s fire.

This is radical embodiment! Beyond any form of “exercise”, this kind of embodiment requires our entire being to engage. It is a willingness to slow down, to feel, to utterly Be. Through the breath, with sound, we ripple our being with waves of nourishing frequency, opening entirely to the unfolding present, releasing the grip of fear and finding that beyond the fear is the Love that we are.

Embodiment allows for a spaciousness that encompasses our unique individuality within the continuum of our oneness with all there is. In this spaciousness, we find the home of our belonging and revere this gift of being human.