Virtual Class: Living in the Tides of Eros & Thanatos

Our journey with the cycles of death and rebirth

The Dragon's edge is where the sea meets the shore, where one context transitions into another. It is a dynamic place, always moving, always changing - a reflection of our personal evolutionary unfolding. The guiding forces of Eros and Thanatos, of creation and deathing, make and unmake us, inviting each of us into a more refined expression of Wholeness. The movement of Eros depends on Thanatos - the dissolve, the deathing and letting go. It is the generosity of Thanatos that gives rise to the next wave of Eros. Together, they are a full cycle spinning one into the next.

The current tide is turned towards Thanatos in our world. Much is in dissolve, deathing so that there may be a rebirth. Many of us feel the future tide of Eros building, bringing renewal and change - the waves of evolution.

Continuum is a practice shaped by meeting the unknown, the NEW, over and over and over. It is a living experience, felt and sensed through the wholeness of our being. It is our preparation, our entry, our journey and our end. Continuum is the sea of Fullness where the tides of Eros and Thanatos live through us and make us what we are.

© 2018 Sabine Mead, Resonant Body

You are invited to join me for a FREE virtual class in which we will enter this inquiry of Eros & Thanatos.

WHEN: Tuesday evening, November 27, 7 - 9PM EST


This introductory class will be followed by a six week virtual series that dives deep into these universal tides, exploring and discovering the Dragon's edge of our personal journeys.

6 week Virtual series:

Wednesdays, December 5 - January 30      7:15 - 9:15 PM


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