Solve et Coagula ~ Separation & Togetherness Online Workshop

Exploring the movements of gel to sol as a template for supporting our evolving relational nature.

All life is in motion, a relational dance in a continuum of separation and togetherness. As evolutionary participants in this process, we navigate a constant dynamic between self and other, sovereignty and connection, continually immersed in a potent field of mutualism. This year has provided many opportunities for insight into this ebb and flow, frequently inviting us to see and feel our personal and collective habits of relating and insisting upon adaptation and change.

An inherent capacity of this dynamic exists within the subtle movements and changes in our cells, a phase shift of gel to sol and sol to gel. A healthy cell can move between these states of being according to the context. Like our cells, we need a permeable membrane that allows for phase shifts in our own energy dynamics. We need the movement and balance of inward flow and outward flow, coming into form and dissolving form, engaging in time, resting in eternity.

In this experiential weekend inquiry, we will explore the movements of gel to sol as a template for supporting our evolving relational nature. We will investigate our breath as a portal into our felt sense experience of time and eternity. By delving into vibration and frequency, we engender new complexities of energetic possibility within our consciousness. As we increase the flow of information through the field of mutualism, we expand our identity, shifting our point of reference into the intersection where in neutrality resides and imagination soars.

Continuum is a self-directed, cumulative practice done either alone or in groups. Movement serves as the guide into layers of becoming and belonging, an opening into eros and oneness. Sound, the felt sense of vibration, combines with movement in an alchemy of sublime embodiment, allowing for an ever-deepening experience of ensoulment. Integration, wholeness, empathy and spaciousness arrive as a new sense of self flows through. Continuum opens a portal that shifts perception and thus our experience of reality, allowing us to slowly awaken to fuller dimensions of love and beingness.

Some Continuum experience suggested, but not required.
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