Resonant Body, Spacious Awareness: The Synergy of Continuum and Mindfulness Practice ~ DECEMBER 4- 6, 2020

with Sabine Mead & Ron Vereen

This human form is an integral and inseparable dimension of the universe, yet adaptive and conditionedpatterns can keep us from embodying the energetic wholeness and spaciousness of fully living this truth.Inevitably, we feel the distress of our sense of separate solidity, but if we remain curious about existence, alonging for the truth will arise.

Fortunately, there are a body of core teachings intended to address our conditioned patterns. Practicesderived from these teachings can move us toward greater realization of our true nature. If we undertakethis journey we will be less likely to over-identify with form and begin to view form as a vehicle forawakening. As we more freely abide within the nature of form we see how all conditioned phenomena areinterdependent and in constant flux, including this body and mind. This seeing that frees will then move usalong the journey toward abiding within formless, spacious awareness — the eternal Now.

The practices of Continuum and Mindfulness are part of a body of teachings designed to experience thebodily form in a radically different way while addressing the inseparable mental formations as well.Although coming from different traditions, they intersect to bring forth a synergy that reveals more andmore of the truth of existence as practice evolves.

In this two-day retreat, participants will be exposed to a variety of practices from both Continuum andInsight or Mindfulness Meditation. Our time together will unfold and progress as we dive into practicesthat build upon one another. Designed to drop us into the spacious, formless awareness that simplyobserves all phenomena arising and passing away, the fluid and dynamic nature of existence can bedirectly known from a deep, experiential level. Wisdom reveals that the bodily form is movement, bringingforth the realization that movement is not what we do but rather what we are — formlessness within form, areflection of the whole of the universe — returning us to the primordial world of the preformed.

Friday, TBA, 7 - 9pm; Saturday, TBA, 9 - 5:30pm; Sunday, TBA,   9 -4:30pm

Fee: $145 For more information, contact Sabine at

Partial scholarships offered on need basis