Opening Our Resonant Body Online series

An experiential inquiry into resonance as a primary language of relating.

A shift in the interior landscape of one’s body will reconfigure the landscape of one’s life. Each of us has a deeply personal reference point that defines how we perceive reality, as well as how we think, move, and relate. When we cultivate a receptive, adaptable, fluid body, we meet ourselves with love and compassion. And when this becomes our lived experience, we transform the landscape of the world. At this time, many of us are feeling the pull into a new reference point, one that allows us a broader, more encompassing view and invites new horizons of being.

Resonance is the living language of the Universe. All bodies that experience being relate through a field of resonance, creating a highly dynamic expression and way of relating. When we open our resonant capacity, we deepen into the field, expanding into new dimensions of interiority and mutualism.

Continuum is a self-directed, cumulative practice done either alone or in groups. Slow, subtle movement serves as a conscious guide into layers of becoming and belonging, an opening into eros and oneness. Sound, the felt sense of vibration, merges with movement in an alchemy of sublime embodiment, allowing for an ever-deepening sense of ensoulment. Integration, wholeness, empathy and spaciousness arrive as a new sense of self emerges and flows through. Continuum opens a portal that shifts perception and thus our experience of reality, allowing us to slowly awaken to fuller dimensions of love and presence.

This online course will focus on meeting and developing our resonant body. No experience necessary. This is a 4 week course that meets on Saturdays once a month from 12 – 3pm EST. All classes will include both context/conversation and experiential elements.

Sunday, February 21, 1 - 4pm EST and Saturdays,  March 13, April 10 & May 15   12 - 3pm EST
    Tuition: $175