Self-regulation supported through myofascial decompression, breath, sound & fluid movement dynamics ~~~

New millennial life, dictated by the pace of culture, is accelerating and amplifying. With the pressure to be efficient, we are doing more, compressing more, squeezing time into ever smaller increments. The demands to produce our lifestyle have us too exhausted to enjoy that which we work so hard for. There seems to be less time and space just to be, just to listen. How can we know our hearts longing if we do not stop to listen?

We are a tidal creature, born out of the ocean with its rhythms and multi-directional movement. We are fluid and elemental by design.  We need the long exhale after the long inhale, that balance of movement and stillness, action and rest, extrinsic focus and intrinsic emptiness.  To rediscover how to self regulate begins with slowing down, becoming quiet and listening. It begins with an inquiry into whole-heartedness.

To move freely and with ease is a life-long necessity. Enhanced mobility and motility increase not only our comfort and pleasure in moving, but also improve organ function and bone strength, boost the immune system and nourish the nervous system. This class focuses on opening and hydrating the connective tissue, which reduces chronic pain and stiffness. It is based in inquiry, discovery and exploration, therefore cultivating a renewed capacity for self regulation. It is the perfect antidote to sitting too much as well as reducing ongoing stress.  Using tools designed to gently open and release the myofascial tissue, your whole organism will be taken to deeper levels of embodiment, peace and well-being.