Huemyn Song ~ FREE Online practice

Reclaiming the voice through conscious embodiment

Our true nature is vibration. For every being, there is a unique song. For eons, people have come together to sing, to express themselves in prayer and in blessing. Beyond the spoken language inherent in traditional singing, however, lives the more universal language of sound. Physically, the source of our voice dwells between the heart and brain, a point of integration and our primary means of expression, but the architecture of the whole body is designed for resonance, for sounding.


To sing, to sound, is an embodiment of our aliveness, our feelings, our beingness. It is a great joy as well as a source of deep nourishment. Like birds, we offer our song to the world, allow our sound to resound within and without. We gift the unique prayer of our voice to ourselves, each other and the earth.


The vision of Huemyn Song is to offer an opportunity to come together in non-verbal song—or what I refer to here as Song—at the same linear time, cocreate a field of sound, experience the unique and personal sound frequency that each one of us embodies. By doing so, we restore our Huemyn song into the world and free our bodyfield from social taboos and unconscious patterns.


HUEMYN SONG is a FREE online, 30-minute gathering to open and reclaim the voice through conscious embodiment. Each practice will be a largely self-guided, improvisational exploration of sounding as a way to dissolve density, hardness and rigidity in body tissues. The practice can also help release numbness, constriction and stagnation,  restoring coherence, vitality and sovereignty in our bodyfield.


This offering will take place three times a week. I may add more as we go, if the interest builds. At the outset, I will speak a few moments about what we are doing and the intention of the practice. We will start in silence. A sound is offered, and then we all begin to allow whatever sound is alive in us to emerge. We sound our “song” for 11 minutes and then fall back into silence together for another 11 minutes, allowing the song to be felt and integrated into our bodyfield. Even though we are not physically located together in space, we are together in time, and the song we create fills the space between. We sing ourselves and the world anew.



Dates: Weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Times:12:00PM – 12:30PM Eastern Standard Time, 30 minutes