SOMATIC Mentoring ~ One on One sessions available online or in person

Expand and enhance your capacity for aliveness

Each one of us is a vast and complex hologram of our unique expression of humanity. Working one on one allows me to assist each individual in their own process of embodiment. Using the many tools and skills I have integrated and honed through the years, I mentor each person through the habits, patterns, blocks and  challenges that may be inhibiting their capacity for aliveness. My work focuses on integrating the whole being, tending the internal organization and exploring where we are externally resourced and redirecting to a healthier expression of internal resourcing.

I weave together Continuum, Transformational Process Work, Authentic Movement and Hakomi to assist one in a more aware and refined capacity for being. I help one invoke a deeper presence by cultivating  attention and curiosity about self and by entering a richer relationship with the movement that we are.

Sessions are 1 & 1/2 or 2 hours. Fees are based accordingly.