Elemental Continuum

Human body as Earth body

The current edge of our collective experience is about how to deeply embody as a living expression of Earth. In becoming Earth, we belong to the greater organism of all life, we climb inside the rhythms and tides that are hers and ours.

Modern life imposes a mode of being that is mechanized, digital and linear. Moving faster to do more narrows our expression and densifies the body. Our experience of life stays pressurized by the relentless demands of constantly doing.

Cultivating our elemental nature returns us to the felt experience of our sensual origins and brings us into the fullness of our relational capacity with the living world. It is the potent shift from being in the world to being the world.

In this five class series we will use the Five Elements - Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Space - as portals to embodied explorations through the lens of Continuum. The experiential practice of Continuum combines breath, fluid movement, vibration (sound) and imagination to amplify and broaden our dynamic expressions of consciousness.