Alchemy of Eros

a journey of whole-being radiance

At the core of an individual’s spiritual nature is the deep well of Eros. This aspect of our essential nature is one of the least understood and most feared in our modern culture, and has forged an enormous schism in our psyche and being. Eros is the primary healer inherent in our biosystem or what we call a body; it is the necessary ingredient that exhilarates self, enlivens our tissues, restores our vitality, and nourishes our passion, all of which are paramount to our health.

This workshop is an in‐depth inquiry into our erotic nature, parsing out and broadening our concepts of sexual nature and sensuality. Moving beyond preconceived ideas and superficial notions of sexual nature, we allow ourselves to discover the universal tides of Eros. These tides open our imagination and help us cultivate a capacity to more deeply inhabit our bodies and reclaim our primal birthright to embody pleasure and wholeness. 

 Continuum is a dynamic combination of movement, breath, sound and sensation to access our inherent bio‐intelligence rooted in the fluid systems of the body. By activating and invigorating these various fluids, we penetrate the density of tissue and create a plasticity needed for movement, communication, health and wholeness. This practice creates an opportunity to dissolve physical and psychological blocks thereby allowing spaciousness for deeper levels of embodiment.